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Dr. Mike Peper, pastor and former missionary to Korea, has been given by God a burden for the war-torn country of Sierra Leone as well as this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to impact the lives of generations of people in that country. A project that now includes multiple churches, an orphanage, a clinic, and a school is now becoming a reality. God’s people must rise to this exciting occasion and get involved while this new door is open!

We held our second National Police Conference with a desire to assist them in establishing chaplains throughout the entire police force.  We were privileged to have Phil Taylor representing Bearing Precious Seed, present Bible for the active force of 15,000!

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Ministry News from

Dr. Mike Peper

Sierra Leone


Greetings from Sierra Leone,

As you may know, during the rainy season this year, we had extremely heavy rains which resulted in serious flooding and deadly landslides killing thousands.  Those who lost their homes are living in tents or schools provided by the government. It looks like they will be waiting a long time before they will be able to have some place permanent. 

We have been in the process of trying to build two school buildings but due to the rains, we are on hold until the rains stop. 

My son-in-law is making plans to begin holding youth camps.  The Rawlings Foundation has made it possible to conduct these camps.  Since May of 2016, there have been 4221 in attendance with 2281 accepting Christ as their Savior.   That is 54% of those who attended having been saved. In January 2018, we are planning to conduct a youth rally bringing back all the teens who have previously attended camp.   We are praying that we will have at least 5000 in that service. 

I recently preached  in the Levuma church and there were 94 in attendance with 8 people making a profession of faith. 

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support which has made all of this possible.  

In Christ,  

Mike Peper