The classes have really grown this semester!

The classes have really grown this semester!

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"Consider the work of God..."

Posted on 1-15-2019

My Father's House Bible Center

Santa Rosa, Laguna - Philippines

"...but as for you, gather in wine and summer fruit and oil and put them in your storage vessels..." Jeremiah 40:10b

The days of summer 2018 are quickly coming to a close. It is hard not to reflect on the instructions God gave to Jeremiah, “to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant…” so as it was with Judah, and so it has been with MFHBC this 2018. Before my wife and I could get too comfortable where we’d set up shop the last 6 years, He saw it fitting to place in our hearts to “be plucked up and to breakdown” out of Tagaytay.

It is the Lord’s way to make sure that our hope and day-spring are wholly in Him and not in the place, the people, nor the circumstances He allows in a given season. The reminder that our Father’s house is our final destination and that our location, the permanent one, is being in Christ. Thus, wherever and anywhere He takes us is home.

So it has been in the first half of 2018, yes, the tent that was Tagaytay has been plucked only for a new one built in Santa Rosa. But oh, how the the Lord continues in the building of His body, the church. Last we spoke, we reported of the "off-site" classes in Quezon City, Silang, and in Tagaytay.

Nenita and Rizty Sioco, Tagaytay, Philippines