Eric and Ginger Mayer, Port Alsworth, Alaska

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He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.’
— Mark 16:15

Tanalian Leadership Center


Thank you for praying for us. Each day we are growing with our students and our community. There are many believers here who love Jesus and want to grow spiritually. There is prayer for revival and a healing of the community that can only be found in humbly seeking Christ. Several days a week we are able to study with friends. Sunday evenings we are part of a ministry called The Gathering. Last week 50 people came to hear testimony and study the word. Several men are taking leadership and bringing the word a couple weeks at a time. The last two Sundays Eric has shared. People in Port Alsworth are hungry to be in real, authentic relationship with Jesus and others. What a unique blessing.

This is our prayer for our students and community:

For we know, brothers and sisters, loved by God, that he has chosen you, because our gospel came to you not simply with words but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and deep conviction.
— 1 Thessalonians 1:4-5

Much Love
Ginger and Eric
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Tanalian Leaadership Center


  • Times of encouragement during home assignment

  • People who have hosted us during our home assignment

  • Progress in eliminating our support deficit 

  • Middle East team

  • God's faithful provision of every need


  • Ask Jesus to bring dreams and visions of himself to the people we will be meeting on our trip to the Middle East

  • Pray for the safety and unity of our team and for our families

  • Against the schemes of the enemy in our ministry 

  • Eric's arm and hand

  • Ginger's wrist

  • Power and presence of the Holy Spirit 

Ginger's Update:

Home assignment. Opportunities and sweet connections.

I took the picture above on a morning hike with our niece and her family in Idaho. I am reminded that God's mercy breaks through every morning to shed rays of light into the darkness. His faithfulness is indeed great.

In the past 42 days we have had many visits and opportunities to share what God is doing in the world. There's something that happens when we get to share stories of our partnership at Tanalian Leadership Center (TLC) in Alaska and also retell of the amazing ways God is showing himself throughout the Middle East. An excitement builds in the listeners at the amazement of God's very real and active presence. Our excitement builds too, because we are reminded over and over how much we love what we get to do. These weeks have refreshed in us the wonder of the privilege it is to take the good news to the world.

Here are a few stats on our trip:
Since September 21 we have been in 6 states, shared the ministry 38 times to hundreds of folks, performed a baptism, spoken at 9 church events and driven countless miles in rented cars with only one tire blow out.

During this time we have visited old friends, supporters, family, new friends, and acquaintances. We get tired and we get filled up. We have had sweet fellowship with many of you who share the love of Jesus and a passion to see the world know him.

We still have a way to go. Two more states and a trip to the Middle East leading a medical team will finish out our time outside of Alaska. Today we are with Eric's family in Oregon and really are thankful for the opportunity to spend a day just enjoying each other's company. The Lord is good to us.

Although we are far away TLC is in full swing. Staff and students meet daily for Bible class and are working systematically through the Old Testament. To connect with God in scripture is transformative. Afternoons are spent learning life/career skills. Pictured above is Emilyn with a sample from Aniak Creations where she is learning to sew and run a sewing business. Also pictured is the TLC construction crew posing with their new hardware and displaying their plumb, level and square skills in the framed wall of a new house.

The workload of the TLC staff is heavier without us. They are doing a wonderful job and need prayer for endurance and encouragement as days are colder and shorter. Believe it or not we are praying for snow and for the lake to freeze as it allows some winter recreation and access to firewood on the other side