Sarah Njoki Karaba

Sarah Njoki Karaba


SARAH NJOKI KARABA- The only graduating HGBM student HGBM —

from Langata Women’s Prison

Greetings in Jesus Name:

Today as you read and think about my testimony, I am here to let you know that I appreciate God for the gift of life and for His daily mercies.  I’m 40 years old now. It’s my 18th year in prison.  I was arrested back in 2002 and since then I’ve been behind bars. Sentenced to the death penalty in 2005, my sentence was commuted to life in 2009.

After making 18th year in prison, I see God’s 2002 and since then, I’ve been behind bars. Sentenced to the death penalty in 2005, my sentence was commuted to life in 2009.  I am happy for the Lord, seeing me through my stay in prison but most importantly successfully done the HGBM courses which has been very invaluable to me and my future!

Everyone   has   a date with destiny, but few ever see it coming! Life in prison is a fulfilled promise God used in my captivity for His benefit and Glory. After a long journey of denial and rejection, I can now attest    that this was a hidden    treasure    that was destined for me.

Back 2015 when I came to know of HGBM, I enrolled to the courses and started doing the poetry books before I was introduced to the rest of the Theological courses by HGBM team lead by Rev Jeff and Keneth. They also provided me with a Bible.

I noted that God’s love for us work to deter us from continuing in our sins.  After taking all the lessons I got a revelation that changed my life, because God had good plan for my imprisonment.  I heavily invested in studying the Bible, which I received from HGBM Kenya and reading daily devotions. This is where I experienced God’s love and purpose of my life (Jeremiah 29:11).

            The deeper I studied the HGBM courses, the more I grew in my faith in God. This course of my studies of the Bible books   reminded    me   that    this world has no resting place for the soul, unless it is in God. We live like suspect, longing with desperate hearts just like Israelites in   imprisonment to be comforted. After thorough study, I got a great discovery that against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.   Since then I have a joy that keeps bubbling out with a natural    smile, and not even the devil can stand what God has inspired.  Naturally, it is impossible for you to be angry    and laugh at the same time. Anger and laughter are   mutually    exclusive and one has the power to choose     either.  I dare   never lose my smile on my face, and my heart is warm with the smile of the Lord! I raise my heart    and my life as a servant.  I never hesitate to offer my life as a sacrifice to God’s work.  My life has changed tremendously, so much so that I was chosen to be   a coordinator of Crossroads among the inmates!

            My life has been changed, and my heart has turned to God. My failures turned out to be blessings and success. Solomon said “if you are pursuing God’s purpose then He will uphold your cause.  I communicated with my mentors and through HGBM; I let off my fears and believed God for my future. Thank you for your wonderful letters of encouragements!  That indeed perfected me while still in prison and gave me hope.

This is where my future has been shaped and going up the ladder, I experience the grace and love of God every day. I read the Bible and compare my notes of the advanced day and night.  

Thank you HGBM team in Kenya for coming to visit us and know how are doing even if we   are in tough times.  Surely we do not take that for granted. Your visit   really makes us strong in faith.  You gave   us   hope and encouragement equal   to do our task. So please,   even   if I am released do not leave me.  Help me because am not sure what awaits me at home.

When released, please do not reject me. I know that I have children and family who may be hard to accept me due to my ugly past. I do not have anyone who can help me regain and start my life again unless you brethren at HGBM help me! May the Lord God reward you    abundantly.  With courses like sewing, bakery among others, I have skills which would help me work for my future.  I have a problem of where I will stay. Help me get the tools and somewhere I may stay as I look on where to settle and serve God in my future. Please    pray for me now and I have been promised of my release end of April 2019.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Njoki Karaba

Langata Women Prison






Massai Women

Massai Women


Dear Pastor Harold

RE:  Appreciation for support

Calvary greetings in Jesus name.  I believe you are doing well under the care of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I am George G. Muchina from Laikipia County in Kenya and I feel obliged to offer my heartfelt gratitude to you for the support and sponsorship you have accounted. 

Please sir, accept my appreciation for enabling me to achieve my dream of getting a diploma in Theology.  This pen and paper may not be enough to acknowledge my sincere thanks.

I would wish to request if it is possible to have a graduation as I have finished all the course work and need the certificate.  I would be grateful for your consideration.  Thank you and may God bless you abundantly.

Yours in Christ service,

George G. Muchina


Dear HGBM Staff,

I am glad in the Lord for what He has done for me since I started the HGBM lessons. I have really seen God answering my prayers concerning my son Kelvin. I thank God. I am still praying for my younger children that God will take care for them and provide all their needs like the other children who are enjoying staying with their parents.  This is my fourth year in prison, and since I enrolled for the HGBM courses God has granted me peace and good health. I have witnessed to inmates encouraging those giving up to an extent of some succumbing to death and depression. But even though I am passing through difficult time, the HGBM lessons on the have been encouraging me to persevere and move on because God still loves me. Continue ministering God's Word to us through these spiritual nourishing courses.

From Susan Mutio,

Inmate, Thika Women Prison,

Nairobi, Kenya


Dear President HGBM,

Through the HGBM courses, God used you to release me from spiritual bondage that has tormented me for years. I never knew how to study the Bible before I enrolled for your courses.. I no longer participate in idle talks. I am always busy reading my Bible and sharing to others about the insight I have received from the Hgbm courses.

God bless HGBM                                                                  

By Peter Njuguna – Naivasha prison


Dear HGBM,

As far as I am concerned, HGBM is one of the sweetest and delicious spiritual cake I have ever tasted in my entire life. I strongly desire to know more about God and the Bible. Never try to deny me more of this cake. Continue nourishing me spiritually. It is also my wish that HGBM courses will be done but all my fellow inmates.

By Daniel Gachoka,

Muranga prison